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Kit List

Please note: If you do not have suitable clothing/footwear for the walk, for example, no waterproof jacket (on a rainy day) or footwear that could cause you to slip you might be unable to join the walk. This is for yours and the group's safety.  

  • Walking Boots/Shoes

  • Food - enough for your day walk (lunch and snacks).

  • Water - please ensure you have plenty of water at least 1.5 litres for a day walk. 

  • Personal first aid kit including any medication you need.

  • Walking socks - walking socks are more padded at the heel and designed to wick away sweat

  • Base layer - not cotton as it soaks up water, rubs and doesn't dry easily.  A Synthetic t shirt would be a better option.

  • Mid layer - A fleece would be a good option.

  • Warm jacket

  • Waterproofs - Jacket and Trousers.

  • Walking trousers - something light and flexible.  No jeans as they soak up water.

  • Hat and gloves

  • Backpack - large enough to carry all of your spare clothes, water and food. a 30 litre capacity would be suitable for a day walk.

  • Dry Bag - you will need to ensure your items keep dry in your backpack, I would recommend a dry bag which come in various sizes.



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